These documents tell the factory everything they need to know to effectively produce your line. Most factories require them at the outset, before they can quote your project. Ten years in the making, our robust techpack template works well in any production setting from small/domestic to large/overseas. You provide us with a vision for your product and all the details you have in place, and we will get to work! We deliver techpacks as editable Excel source files that you can easily adjust. Explore the components below, and see some examples here.

  • Get your foot in the door at good factories

  • Be taken seriously by vendors, manufacturers, and industry insiders

  • Engage efficiently in costing exercises for your sampling and production

  • Communicate effectively with your factory, even if they are non-English speakers

  • Hold the factory accountable throughout development and production

  • Ensure bulk production QC

  • Easily update styles for different vendors or future seasons

         Style Description, Technical Illustrations, Construction Details: We start with a clear overview of your style, then add in all of the tech illustrations and construction details. Provide your own illustrations, or have us build them for you (click to learn more).

         Measurements, Sample Specs, Fit Adjustments, Grade Rule: Based on your reference samples, we create a measurement spec sheet for your first sample, and build in room for you to provide fitting notes from all your sample rounds. We work with you to ensure your grade rule matches the size/fit needs of your customer, and make grading suggestions to send your patternmaker for review. (Does all this sound like gibberish to you? You may want to consider our Design Strategy services. We can explain all the inner-workings of this messy industry, and help you understand how to build and run an amazing design program for your company!)


         Materials Information, Trims Artwork, Bill of Materials: Throughout the design process, we work together to make sure your materials info and BOM are production-ready. Provide us with your trims artwork* and send along all the details you have for your fabrics, trims, labels, and packaging. We will create the BOM, and triple-check every detail to make sure you take the most accurate and up-to-date set of details into sampling and production with you. (*Don't have trims artwork? No problem. We can build it for you. Click to learn more.)

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Looking for more? We can also help with Technical Illustration and Design Strategy. Explore!