Now more than ever, brands need to stand out with beautiful, innovative products that authentically empathize with their customers’ needs.


But it’s not easy designing, developing, and delivering product for modern fashion customers. Shoppers demand constant product releases, fast delivery, unique design, and quality construction - all while keeping prices accessible. Meanwhile, apparel manufacturing is notoriously convoluted, exclusionary, and outdated. Without extensive industry knowledge and experience, it’s hard for independent fashion labels to make quality product at scale, hit pricing targets, capture their niche, and innovate in the space. That's where we come in!


Through our Design Strategy programs, we work by your side as a coach, guide, sounding-board, and industry insider, to help you build state-of-the-art design and product development systems. Choose from our Comprehensive package, an Intensive crash course, or a la carte Troubleshooting sessions. 

our coaching packages.

COMPREHENSIVE - recommended for Start-ups moving quickly to get product to market:

We work intimately with you and your team to build design and product development systems from the ground up. You come out the other side with a deep knowledge of the industry landscape, your positioning, and how to proceed with developing and manufacturing your product.

Five 1-hour-long sessions cover:

  • high-level overviews and the industry landscape

  • understanding your specific customer and their needs

  • finding the right trends, silhouettes, colors, fabrics, and fits for your market

  • working with the best factories and vendors for your program

  • translating your ideas into workable designs

  • fleshing out your design concepts to ensure innovation and strong product-market fit

  • costing your production and pricing your collection

  • creating a custom time-and-action plan/calendar for product development

  • preparing for effective bulk production

Leave our time together with the confidence to empathize with your customers' wants and needs; approach good factories and source the right materials; communicate your product vision clearly to investors, factories, and buyers; plan your line; hire design staff; and dive into technical design, sampling, and production. We will stand in as your interim design director, co-founder, and product adviser, all at a fraction of the cost of on-boarding these roles.


Comprehensive strategy clients receive a free 30-minute Troubleshooting session ($85 value), free documentation templates ($325 value), and a 15% discount on our Design Services (Technical Illustration and Techpacks). Fill out our client survey, and let's hop on a call to get things rolling!

INTENSIVE - recommended for start-ups on a budget, or founders questioning industry fit:

A single 1.5-hour-long crash course in design processes, product development, your placement in the industry, and where you should go next. This mini-bootcamp for start-up founders and fashion newbies is a unique blend of high-level and customized information that is very hard to get without years of industry experience. If you decide you want more at the end of your session, apply the cost of your Intensive toward a Comprehensive package (that means a free 30 minutes of coaching!).

Not sure if this is right for you? Fill out our client survey, and we will reach out!

TROUBLESHOOTING - recommended for small businesses, or founders with industry experience:

Single hour-long sessions (book as many as you like) where we hash through specific issues you're having with your design and product development. This is great if you're up and running, but want to brainstorm new design concepts, improve your design systems, streamline your product development, expand into new markets, grow or pivot your product offering, take your production overseas, or polish your understanding of how the design/development segment of the product life cycle functions in the current landscape. Sign on for two or more sessions, and receive a 15% discount on all of our Design Services (Technical Illustration and Techpacks). Not sure if this is right for you? Fill out our client survey and let's hop on a call!

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