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We are a fashion design studio based in New York that specializes in technical design, product development, and design strategy coaching. We work with fashion companies of all sizes to build the best design and product development systems & deliverables for your market. You come to us with an idea for a product, collection, or line, and we transform that vision into production-ready designs.

First, we take you through each step of the design and product development process to build a robust, streamlined plan for your product line. Then, we create all the building blocks and tools you need to find the right factory, cost your collection, and proceed with sampling and production. Some clients use all of these services in combination; some pick-and-choose the ones they need based on where they are in their journey. Services include:

Tech Illustrations

of every piece in your collection, created in Adobe Illustrator (so they are fully editable)


(color renderings) of your line to use in presentations, factory documents, & sales aids.

Design Specifications

and construction details (via call-out illustrations, written descriptions, and measurements)


the comprehensive manual for each product that brings all your design deliverables together.

Fit Measurements

for your first sample, and a plan for grading (the process which a style sizes up or down)


with customized strategy, advice, ideas, and coaching once your program is under way.

We are flexible, adaptable, and versed in the lean and on-the-fly environment common to start-ups and small businesses. We are also comfortable with the way things work in large corporate settings. Just need some flat sketches done? Great. Want a more substantial experience, where we really show you the ropes and equip you to run your design and product development program yourself? Awesome. Any questions about our process and how we can help, don't hesitate to reach out! You can also learn more about our services here.



Start-ups, Founders in Concept Phase, and Fashion Newbies: We believe in giving our clients the tools and industry know-how they need to run an effective product development program themselves. For start-ups, we usually recommend a combination of strategy sessions and design work, especially if you don't have much industry experience, or don't have a designer on your team. We will help you build amazing design systems from the ground up and teach you how to run them; guide you in finding and communicating with the right vendors, factories, and partners; plan your next product launch and iron out all the nitty-gritty design details; build your flat sketches, CADs, and techpacks; and send you on your way ready to conquer the world! Fill out our client survey so we can learn a little about you, and let's hop on a call to discuss your needs.

Small businesses looking to grow, pivot, improve, streamline, or expand: Wherever you are in your journey toward a robust design and product development program, we can help! Small businesses often don't have designated technical designers on staff, aren't working from a state-of-the-art techpack template, and/or don't have the time/resources to build their Illustrator flat sketches themselves. For a fraction of what you would spend to bring these resources in-house, we can offer customized tech design packages to meet all of your needs. And through our design strategy sessions, we can troubleshoot issues specific to your company; build systems for a product pivot; strategize R&D for expanding into new markets; help you take your production overseas; oil the machinery of your product development program to improve turnaround times and prices; and so much more! Fill out our client survey so we can learn a little about you, and let's hop on a (free) 15-minute call to discuss your needs.

Established companies who need some extra design help: We love our larger clients! With 10 years of design and tech design experience in womens, mens, and juniors across RTW, activewear, and accessories, Emily is ready to fill in wherever you need some extra help. Usually, we help out bigger brands by efficiently converting hand-drawn flats into Illustrator files, or by building new flat sketches and techpacks during busy seasons when you don't have enough hands on deck. We are also available for off-site* temp work and parental leave cover. Get in touch, and let's make it happen. (*In special circumstances, on-site is possible. Don't let that stop you from reaching out!)


the types of companies we LIKE to work with.

We have design experience across many design categories and markets, but we'll always be transparent if we don't think your product is the right fit for us. Our studio is committed to making the fashion industry more ethical, and we love to work with companies that espouse some of these values.








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