Originally trained in Fine Art, with a follow-up degree in Fashion Design from Parsons, Creative Director Emily Waters brings a unique vision and sense of artistry to the product development process. Her experience spans womens, mens, juniors, and childrens across wovens, knits, activewear, and accessories, at nearly every pricepoint. She has worked with brands both big and small, including J. Crew, State Bags, Jo+Jax, StyleSight/WGSN, and numerous early-stage companies. 

With a decade of experience, Emily Waters Design Studio is devoted to helping fashion companies build amazing product. What makes us different is our focus on design. Factories and production management firms can help you execute your vision, but they expect you to know exactly what that vision is, and to have professional sketches, techpacks, and documentation in hand at the outset of your working relationship. Building your vision, getting your design deliverables in order, setting up your product development systems, and getting you production-ready: that's where we come in.

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Our methods blend artistic inspiration, meticulous research, and streamlined business strategy. We spent years tinkering, adjusting, testing, and working with many different companies of all shapes and sizes to ensure best practices in all of our work. And we have a deep understanding of and passion for the lean budgets, small teams, tight turnarounds, and make-it-work attitudes essential for fashion businesses to grow. When you sign on with us, you will work directly with Emily to create a design program specific to your company. She is flexible, adaptable, and ready to meet the unique demands of your business. From locally produced one-off pieces to mass production overseas, Emily's nimble approach allows her to advise, design, and deliver for a wide range of clients.